October 29, 2011


I'm healthy again. Review time.

Price & size:
I paid 1,45 in Salzburg where I got this. You receive 10 g of lip balm in a small metal dose, and it really is tiny and adorable.

What it says on the packaging:
"...your lips become soft and are protected from dryness." "soft care for your lips, fruity freshness for you."

Since there are only 5 ingredients in this lip balm, which are vaseline (PETROLATUM), perfume, a substance that gives you shine (MICA) , color (CI 77491) and vitamin E (TOCOPHEROL), there is only one ingredient that I would point out as highly recommended and that is TOCOPHEROL - pure vitamin E, which is considered "an antioxidant superstar" and I have written about its various benefits here.


My opinion:
I like this lip balm very much. I usually prefer lip balms packaged in sticks over doses because you have to use your fingers with these and your fingers aren't always clean, so I stick my lips into the dose and just twirl the dose to get a nice amount of lip balm on. :)
The lip balm really is nourishing, it smells very nice. I don't find that it tints my lips at all despite it's deep red color and it gives me a nice shine.
I specifically love Balea's products because the brand itself is very environmentally friendly, it states on the packaging that the paper comes from very responsible sources and that 70% of it is completely recyclable.


  1. Blago tebi, sad se ja razbolih :O
    A ovu malu slatkocu za usne bih bas mogla kupiti :)

  2. drago mi je da si ozdravila :-D
    ne znam, mene ovakva pakiranja odbijaju, daj mi stick i meni dobro ;-D

  3. Baš mi je drago da je netko napisao review za ovaj balzam, zanimalo me kakav je i sad ću ga vjerojatno u kupit.

  4. Baš je sladak :) Nisam obratila pažnju ni da li ga ima kod mene, ali moraću, obično ne volim ove u kutijici, ali ne mogu da odolim lubenici ;)

  5. Moram priznati da većinom kupujem lip balmove u ovom obliku jedino zbog preslatkih pakovanja, ali ovaj je zapravo odličan i zbog svog sastava :D


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