April 27, 2013


Two posts in two days, I am getting back in form.

Mac cosmetics. Most likely the most popular make up line on Youtube, yet I have never tried it up until a few weeks ago. Living in Vienna definitely has its perks when it comes to make up, you get access to a whole bunch of more exclusive brands.

Usually I would always go by the Mac stand without even looking twice at it, up until the day where I wanted a veeery dark red color, preferably matte. So I googled and googled and decided that Mac's Diva might be the one. What I really love about Mac counters is that they disinfect all their make up and allow you to try them on right then and there. So when I tried it on, I was immediately in love. The color was exactly what I was looking for and the matte finish was great, without drying my lips. The website describes the color as "intense reddish-burgundy".

So I picked up Diva, and a few days later went back for a bright matte red, and I ended up getting Ruby Woo, which is a retro matte (more dry than regular mattes). Ruby Woo is my very first bright red lipstick and I think that red lipsticks can really make a girl feel classy. The website describes it as a "very matte vivid blue-red". The fact that it has blue undertones instantly makes your teeth look whiter.

On the same day I also picked up Peach Blossom, a Cremesheen ("a frosted cool nude" according to the website), which is the smoothest and creamiest lipstick I have ever had on my lips. It's a lovely color and I wear it almost every day.

I have come to understand the hype about Mac as a make up line, although I still cannot understand why a person would need to own basically 90% of their entire line like some people do. Make up is truly an obsession. :)

April 26, 2013


The very first Kiko Cosmetics store opened in Vienna on April 13th, and since I was on my way to that shopping centre to get black ballerina flats, I stopped by. I was amazed by their striking blue nail polish I received as a friend and featured in one of my posts a looong time ago. Link here.

All the nail polishes were €2.50, which is a nice deal since usually they're €3.90. I decided to spend 10 euros (I am trying not to spend overly huge amounts of money on make up). I looked at their blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks and lipliners and the array is beautiful! Also, all their make up is arranged so nicely, and the staff was incredibly nice to me.

I picked up four quite similar colors, but different shades. The bottles don't have the names on the bottles so I looked their names up on the Kiko website. From left to right I got:

209 French Baby Pink
359 Light Peach
358 Peach Rose
366 Rose Terracotta

And here are close ups of the colors:
209 French Baby Pink

359 Light Peach

358 Peach Rose

366 Rose Terracotta

I have been loving the clean nail look on one of my dear friends from uni, so for today I went with French Baby Pink and I love how nice it looks when applied.

February 7, 2013

January 2013 Favourites

Hello, I'm doing the "favourites of the month" for the second time. I actually really like these posts. These month's favourites include 6 products, one of which is a foundation. It is my very first foundation. That is very unusual for me, but I'll explain why in the review that I'll be posting soon.

Kerastase's Nectar Thermique has been my favorite for the past year and longer, that's how long I've had this and it's still not empty. It's the one product that really protects your ends from all the heat. I recently purchased the Ciment Thermique and only because for some it has worked even better, so I'm going to try that and compare them so that I know which one's the best for me.

Dior's Diorskin Nude is the very first foundation that I bought for myself and I have been loving it.

Lancome's Nutrix has been a saviour to me this month. This extremely rich cream is absolutely perfect for my very dry/very oily combination skin. I only need the tiniest amount, and I only wear it during the night because it's so rich and very hydrating.

These two nailpolishes are: Maybelline COLOR Sensational in 545 Black Copper and Max Factor's Glossfinity in 110 Red Passion. I have been constantly wearing them for the past 2 months, switching them up every few days.

And the last product is Maybelline COLOR Sensational Lipstain, which I bought in the color 350 Blushing. This is my very first lipstain and I really like it because of the natural flushed finish. I haven't found it drying like many others. I'm still on the hunt for Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, people have been raving about them like crazy! Have you tried those?

January 30, 2013


I have to admit that I have a strange obsession with lipsticks. But lately, I haven't been purchasing any because I seriously need to use some up before I buy new ones. Luckily, I have someone in my life who supports that obsession and from time to time, gives me a beautiful gift.

Just like last year, my boyfriend got me a lipstick for Christmas. Since I am a sucker for design and packaging, and he knows that, he bought me this beautiful Guerlain Rouge G. I cannot even begin to describe my amazement with the packaging. It comes in a very heavy and durable metal packaging with a flip mirror that pops open when you pull out the lipstick, which is so practical for touch ups. Pure luxury. The color is 04 Gentiane, a flesh tone with a hint of pink, which is really hard to capture on camera. I've also found "pearly rose" as a description of this colour online. It's a great everyday colour, and a moisturising formula, so there is no need to wear lip balm underneath.

What did you girls get for Christmas? :)