July 6, 2012

June favorites + NEWS

And finally. The day has come. I can remember the fear I felt a year ago when summer started and school ended because I knew that my last year of high school was coming and serious decisions had to be made with a lot of work to be done. And now it's all over. I got into college. I am ranked 10 out of 500+ who applied for the University of Architecture in Zagreb, Croatia. They accept 120 people and I am indeed number 10. I couldn't believe my own eyes when I saw how well I had done at the entrance exam. I was so happy when I got the results that I couldn't stop jumping, screaming, dancing and crying.

I feel like June was a really good month. I attended my graduation and my prom. I also celebrated my birthday with a little delay. I might post a photo of the dress I wore to my prom later. Throughout the whole month I've been wearing Chanel's Chance. I already posted a photo of that perfume in my "I'm back" post. I'm in love with its smell so much that I even spray it in my hair and on my pillows.
The mascara on the photo is Maybelline's Falsies. Even though I wasn't really content with how it behaved and what it did to my lashes in the beginning, now I'm really enjoying it. I usually apply two coats of it and my lashes look really nice. And, also, it doesn't weigh my lashes down which is really important to me because I love having curled lashes - they seem so much longer!
The blush I was wearing most of the time was Deborah's Paprika. The name still makes me giggle. It is a really pretty bronze/pink color - perfect for the summer.
There are two lipsticks that I was loving during June. One is Pink In The Afternoon by Revlon, which is a color I've previously been looking for for months. I think it just might be my all time favorite pink color because my skin is very yellow and warm toned, and it is hard to find a true warm pink.
The other lipstick is L'Oreal Caresse in Lovely Rose and while it seems like a harsh and cold baby pink, it actually gives a very sheer hint of pink while looking amazing and very refreshing.

And here's a photo of my new shoes by S. Oliver on a rainy day.