February 25, 2012


Hello my lovely readers, I'm back from being the worst blogger ever. And I'm ashamed to admit that. I'm that type of person that enjoys doing many things at once, so it's very easy for me to leave some behind for a while and get back to them.

After I returned from my trip from Germany, I started getting into beauty retouching. I've been using Photoshop for ages, but just recently I discovered all the secrets of the industry and how much time is invested to turn a raw photo from a studio to a high fashion one you'll end up looking at in the magazines. And trust me, you have no idea what hides behind those retouched photos you most likely admire.

Aside from that, I've been preparing for college. My dream has always been to study architecture and it does take work if you want to get in since the college only accepts 120 people. Hope I'll be one of them. Enough of small talk.

Three days ago I bought Essence's nail art special effect! topper. It's a matte topcoat that turns every nail polish into a matte one. The reason why I bought it is that I started loving that nice, satin, matte finish and instead of looking for the colors that I like in matte edition, this is a perfect, and very cheap solution.

Excuse the shortness of my nails, I've tried to regrow them several times already and this is another try.