February 7, 2013

January 2013 Favourites

Hello, I'm doing the "favourites of the month" for the second time. I actually really like these posts. These month's favourites include 6 products, one of which is a foundation. It is my very first foundation. That is very unusual for me, but I'll explain why in the review that I'll be posting soon.

Kerastase's Nectar Thermique has been my favorite for the past year and longer, that's how long I've had this and it's still not empty. It's the one product that really protects your ends from all the heat. I recently purchased the Ciment Thermique and only because for some it has worked even better, so I'm going to try that and compare them so that I know which one's the best for me.

Dior's Diorskin Nude is the very first foundation that I bought for myself and I have been loving it.

Lancome's Nutrix has been a saviour to me this month. This extremely rich cream is absolutely perfect for my very dry/very oily combination skin. I only need the tiniest amount, and I only wear it during the night because it's so rich and very hydrating.

These two nailpolishes are: Maybelline COLOR Sensational in 545 Black Copper and Max Factor's Glossfinity in 110 Red Passion. I have been constantly wearing them for the past 2 months, switching them up every few days.

And the last product is Maybelline COLOR Sensational Lipstain, which I bought in the color 350 Blushing. This is my very first lipstain and I really like it because of the natural flushed finish. I haven't found it drying like many others. I'm still on the hunt for Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, people have been raving about them like crazy! Have you tried those?


  1. Izgleda da imamo slican tip koze, pa cu proveriti Lancome Nutrix kremu. :) Jedino sto mi se ne svidja ovde je lip stain, nikako mi se ne svidjaju ovi u obliku markera, nekako se brzo isuse i ne nanose se ravnomerno.

    1. Meni to baš nekako odgovara, na slici izgleda gore nego uživo, ali mi se sviđa što ne djeluje toliko kao šminka već kao prirodno tamnije usnice :)

  2. hiya dear!
    lovely blog ,I'll be happy if you check out my blog too and maybe we can follow each other ?

  3. lipstain izgleda super, puder gledam već dugo vremena kod drugih na blogovima, no doći će i on na red :)

  4. ništa od ovog probala nisam...

  5. lipstain ti bas super stoji, je li trajan na usnama ili se brise dok pijes ili jedes?

  6. Great things!! The lipstick look absolutely stunning, what a beautiful color! I love red shades so the nailpolish is one of my favorits as well:)

    Hope you visit me on my blog


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