January 30, 2013


I have to admit that I have a strange obsession with lipsticks. But lately, I haven't been purchasing any because I seriously need to use some up before I buy new ones. Luckily, I have someone in my life who supports that obsession and from time to time, gives me a beautiful gift.

Just like last year, my boyfriend got me a lipstick for Christmas. Since I am a sucker for design and packaging, and he knows that, he bought me this beautiful Guerlain Rouge G. I cannot even begin to describe my amazement with the packaging. It comes in a very heavy and durable metal packaging with a flip mirror that pops open when you pull out the lipstick, which is so practical for touch ups. Pure luxury. The color is 04 Gentiane, a flesh tone with a hint of pink, which is really hard to capture on camera. I've also found "pearly rose" as a description of this colour online. It's a great everyday colour, and a moisturising formula, so there is no need to wear lip balm underneath.

What did you girls get for Christmas? :)


  1. ooo nova frizura, svida mi se :D odlicno pakiranje ruza hehe


    1. Ma nije nova frizura, ja imam bob od zime 2011. :)

  2. prelepa boja! odusevljena sam :) a pakovanje je fantasticno :)

  3. ajme koje dobro pakiranje, oduševljena :D

  4. Pakovanje je fantazija! Ruž je naravno divan, ali pakovanje...ah...

  5. This liptsick is also beautiful!! I like your haircut:)

    Best Jasmin


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