November 14, 2014


"Oh please no! NO! Noooooooooooooooooooo!"

The perfect description of yesterday's dramatic event.

You know that feeling when you've been growing out your nails for two weeks without a single damage and then all of a sudden one of them breaks beyond repair? Well, that's the feeling I had to endure yesterday. Since it didn't make much sense to walk around with 9 super pretty long nails and leave that one single nail short and jealous of the rest, I cut them all short. That means that you'll be seeing more of lip and other products in the next couple of posts until I can return with somewhat good looking nails.

Today I am reviewing Sleek's Matte Me Ultra smooth matte lip cream - that's a mouthful - in the color 436 Birthday Suit. As far as I'm aware of, there are 6 shades to choose from and one lip cream costs €6,49. You can find them here.

This lip cream is the very first product that I now own by Sleek. I found it somewhere in the vast field of pinterest boards. One thing I am now noticing is that my label is in a different font than the one on their website. Strange.

Anyway, I'm a sucker for dark nudes and matte lips, so this was the perfect combination to get. It also arrived quite quickly. In the photos below you can see the applicator, which I'm in love with. The cream is so easy to apply and the applicator allows you to apply it perfectly on the first go. That's also a reason why I'm considering getting it in the red shade called Rioja Red. Once applied, the glossy cream takes a couple of seconds to turn completely matte and then it also becomes everlasting. I wore it for an entire day while eating and drinking and I only had to reapply it once because the corners of my mouth were the only place where the color started fading.

I used the word everlasting because removing the cream isn't all too easy. I had to use my micellar water and rub gently to get everything off. But that's a factor that I like about this product.

All in all, this blind buy was a success. If there are other products by Sleek that you enjoy using, please do recommend them. Remember when I said I was considering ordering this cream in red? Well, that consideration now turned into a decision. :)


  1. Predivno izgleda, boja je odlična! :)

  2. jako je lijep! baš uživam u tvojim slikama :)


  3. totalno moja boja :D
    nekako sam do sad ignorirala tu Sleek liniju, no ova boja me očarala ♥

  4. Big like! Divan swatch na usnama.

  5. Da li isušuje usne? To me jedino smeta kod mat proizvoda za usne.
    Inače izgleda divno i mogla bih za Black Friday ubosti neku nijansu :)

    My nail polish blog

    1. pa ne znam, meni uglavnom ne isušuje usnice jer nemam nikad nekih problema s usnicama, navikla sam na mat proizvode. možeš uvijek prije nanošenja staviti i malo labela i nakon skidanja opet nahraniti usnice.


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