November 24, 2014


Are you tired of seeing the word ESSIE in all of my nail polish posts? I am terribly sorry about sticking with Essie, but I created quite the Essie collection in the past few weeks and there are many beautiful shades that I definitely want you to see.

My nails still haven't grown back enough for me to consider them an appropriate size for nail polish posts, but I'll feature this shade now regardless of their length.

A few days ago I was wearing this cute pale pink shade called Romper Room. There isn't all too much to say about this shade, or actually, I don't need to over-enthusiastically do my best to describe the shade for you. It's a pale pink. Done. Oh wait, I know there's something. What I can tell you is that Romper Room is a noticeably softer pink than OPI's Mod About You - everyone's go to light pink. Mod About You's swatches can be quite deceiving, as there are stronger lilac tones in it than most swatches give away, and I cannot pull of purples. Well, actually, purple is my least favorite color, so I don't even try to.

The book I am reading now on my kindle is called Eleanor & Park. I'm about half way through the book and I'm enjoying it immensely. To be honest, I am quite the bookworm. Should I feature more books on this blog as well?


  1. Apsolutno savršena roze boja! Inače sam već neko vreme u potrazi za takvom nijansom. Divan post, kao i uvek :) I da, slobodno piši i o knjigama!

  2. Imam ovu i krasna je :D jos se doduse nije pojavila na blogu :sramise: a za Eleanor&Park sam cula, mozda se jednom upustim i u citanje, ove godine skroz zabusavam s citanjem opcenito pa nece jos

  3. e posvuda tražim ovakvu nijansu, ali ne mogu ju naći u drogerijskoj verziji uopćee!!


    1. probaj Avon Pastel pink ne nanosi se jednako savrseno al rekla bi da je dobar dupe

    2. pa Essie je drogerijski rang :) (malo skuplji)
      problem kod ostalih firmi je što nije dovoljno gust lak pa su potrebna bar 4 sloja ili se pak uopće ovakva gustoća ne može postići.

  4. Divan je romper kao i tvoje fotografije koje me iz posta u post očaravaju <3


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