November 18, 2014


I bought my first hair straightener over 10 years ago. I have very curly hair which I am ultimately thankful for, but straight hair is so much more manageable and especially bearable during the summer months. Since I have been straightening my hair for 10 years, I have had terrible cases of fried hair and was never really able to grow my hair out. I was always stuck with shoulder length hair until I ordered this product back at the end of 2010. Since then, it has become my all time favorite hair product. You might have guessed it, it's a heat protectant.

I haven't tried many Kérastase products so I cannot say much about the brand's entire product range, but their Nectar Thermique is my holy grail when it comes to protecting my hair from heat damage.

I am currently on my fifth or sixth bottle. It might seem like a small number considering I've been using it for 4 whole years, but I only go through about one and a half to a maximum of two bottles of this per year, which means I cannot complain about its price which is in the higher range.

In regular stores, the Nectar Thermique costs € 29,95. I usually hunt for 20% discount vouchers that I can apply on websites like, or, so I have never paid over € 16 for it. That's an awesome deal.

The reason why I am featuring it is not just because I love the product itself, it's also because Kérastase decided to repackage and reformulate it. The very familiar scent, which I find absolutely divine but I know some detest, is still the same. I haven't used it all too many times to be able to tell a significant difference, but I am sure that the quality of the effect it has on hair in the long run is the same, if not better than before.

Which hair protectants do you use? Have you ever tried Nectar Thermique?


  1. iskreno nisam procitala post jer me ne zanima bas haha ali i dalje se divim tvojim slikama!!!


  2. Ja imam još staro pakiranje Nectara ali je previše za moju kosu i brzo mi se umasti posle ovoga. Ali sam zato toliko bolje oduševljena Cimet thermiqom :)

  3. imam još staro pakiranje (i trajat će mi još dulje vrijeme), ali drago mi je da nisu pokvarili proizvod, tog me bilo strah :)
    Definitivno i moj HG kad su u pitanju proizvodi za zaštitu od topline :)

  4. Nisam isprobala prijašnju verziju, ali nova me oduševila! Kosa mi je od njega brutalno mekana, svilenkasta i ravna <3 Volim ga koristiti i kao klasični leave in conditioner nakon pranja kose , bez upotrebe toplinskih aparata. Isprobaj ;)


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