November 23, 2014


A week ago, I let myself binge shop Essie shades. Previously, I had always stared at the huge Essie shelf not really knowing which shade to get, so instead of getting something, I left empty handed.

But, that day I allowed myself to walk out with three shades. (They'll all make an appearance on the blog, no worries.) One of those shades was Absolutely shore. This is a special one. As soon as I applied it, I felt it made my hands look so much more feminine. Does that sound weird? It's such a gooorgeous soft pastel shade that you really need to see it on your nails, because the bottle definitely doesn't do the color justice.

For some reason, when you google the color, the swatches look a lot more green then the color ever appeared in my eyes, I rather consider it an extremely soft mint color. Even on the website, it looks like a light green and the color is described as a sea foam green, which is definitely way too green for me to admit that Absolutely shore is a sea foam green shade. On my nails it just doesn't show up that way.

I feel like I analyse the colors far too excessively. But when it comes to swatches, I feel like they can portray a color shade in a thousand different ways.

This glitter shoot took a whole lot of effort and many many photos to get it right, but I think the outcome is quite pleasing. :)


  1. prekrasna nijansa i super je ovo što si napravila sa šljokicama, svaka čast! :)

    mfashionfreak♥blog facebookpage

  2. I looove this shade. Definitely gonna get it!

  3. Look at those pictures, how on earth did you do that? Amazing!
    xxx Claire


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