November 26, 2014


Like every other girl, I have a little list of my all time favorite products that I just keeps buying over and over again without ever having the need to try out something else because these just work.

I have already mentioned Kerastase's Nectar Thermique and the Batiste spray, which I both consider my all time favorite hair care products and today I'll be writing about my all time favorite skin cleaning/skin care product. It doesn't just remove make up and cleanse skin, it also calms it down.

If you are a contact lens wearer like me, you will know how irritated the eyes can get when removing mascara and eye liner, so finding a product that cleans both without burning was a life long quest for me.

Before Garnier's Micellar Cleanser I tried out the famous Bioderma. Sadly, it ended up drying out my skin terribly. I am quite sure that it's due to the fact that I was using the blue/green version for greasy skin, but since I tried the Garnier, I don't feel the need to try Bioderma's pink version any longer.

I also tried Vichy's Micellar Water, but Garnier was so much better at cleaning mascara, I didn't have to use up 5 cotton pads. Plus, Garnier is definitely the cheapest out of the three that I tried. That's a win-win situation.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire: € 16 for 500 ml
Vichy Purete Thermale 3 in 1 Cleansing Micellar Lotion: € 14,50 for 400 ml
Garnier: € 5,99 for 400 ml (I always get it on discount for about € 3,50)

I use this product with huge cotton pads from babylove (dm) because I can get the make up off with one half of one pad and use the other half to go over my cheeks, forehead and chin.

Not everyone is as excited about micellar cleansers as I am. I have read about the absurdity of buying something that is 90% water on quite a few websites, and I have seen many DIY tutorials for Micellar Water, but I'm not sure that I would want to risk exposing my eyes to something that has 0 preservatives in it to prevent a bacteria attack. Then again, there are tutorials that list a preservative as an ingredient, but that way I don't see a huge difference between a homemade micellar water and the store bought one other than the price.

The ingredients follow:

What is your favorite micellar cleanser? I would love to try the two micellar cleansers that are NOT available in Austria, but can be bought in Croatia - Mixa and Corine de Farme, but I'm trying to stick to products that are immediately available to me as I need them.


  1. Probala sam Lorealovu i odlična mi je. Sad sam na Mixinoj i ona mi je super, ali mi je nekako Lorealova ostala kao malo bolja. Imam mali osjećaj ljepljivosti nakon Mixine. Garnierovu nisam probala ;)

  2. Garnier micelarna je i jedna od mojih omiljenih :) Trenutno isprobavam i rozu Bioderma Sensibio H20 micelarnu, i mislim da je malo jača od Garnierove. Razmišljam da uradim uporednu recenziju ta dva proizvoda. Meni su micelarne vode takođe bile veliko otkriće, s obzirom na to da ostali skidači šminke znaju da budu jako agresivni. Micelarne mi se sviđaju baš zato što jesu skoro potpuno voda, jer koristim samo prirodne proizvode bez veštačkih boja i mirisa i hemikalija tako da je ovo right up my street :) Oduševljava me kad vidim tako kratku listu sastojaka.


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