November 15, 2014


I have already spoken about my love for Mac lipsticks. At first I didn't really understand how someone can love a brand so much that they would actually organise their make up collection by "Mac stuff" and "Non-Mac stuff". But now I think that I'm quite lucky I don't use too much make up because I would be standing at the Mac counter every other week.

So far I have only tried their lip sticks and lip pencils. I literally stay away from everything else because I'm trying not to hoard too much stuff and not use it. This matte lipstick called So Chaud was a summer buy. The color is an orange red which I feel compliments my warm, yellow skin undertone extremely well, so I love love love wearing it during the summer.

I feel really bad for all of you who don't have Mac just around the corner and have to travel to buy it or order it online, but in some way it's better for your wallet, trust me. If you love matte lip sticks as much as I do and would love an orange red, next time you're near a Mac counter, check out So Chaud. You won't regret it. :)


  1. Wow, ruž je prekrasan i odlično ti stoji! :) :)
    I fotke su ti predivne.
    Pozdrav :D

  2. Vrlo interesantna nijansa. :)

  3. Divno ti stoji ova nijansa!

  4. nisam nikad probala ništa njihovo :S baš bi htjela probati jedno od njihovih rumenila ili ruževa.. ovaj je jako lijep :)

  5. Ruž je famozan i super ti stoji, ali kosa... Predivna!

  6. predivno ti stoji :)
    ja sam nažalost prehladna za takve nijanse :(


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