December 5, 2014


The Essie giveaway is officially closed and the two lucky winners will be announced tomorrow!

Unfortunately, winter isn't the ideal time of the year for blog posts if you're always coming home around 4 PM and there is barely any proper light available for photographing. Today was an incredibly sunny day, and luckily, I was home around noon to use the opportunity for photos. For the first time in my life I have shaped my growing nails into a round form, and I must say that I have been enjoying them. Right now it feels like they are less fragile, but time will show if that is indeed true, when they grow a little longer.

I must say that round nails make my hands look more feminine and elongated, which is definitely something to enjoy.

I ran into an Essie sale (certain shades were 40% off) so I couldn't miss out on this wonderful soft nude shade called Spin The Bottle. This is a fantastic nude color because it has just the right hint of pink that will give that certain mademoiselle look to your nails. What do you think about round nails? Do you feel like they're more or less rigid than square nails? 


  1. Beautiful shade!

    And I must agree that winter is a bad time for a blog :D it seems almost impossible to find a good lighting.. and it makes me a little bit demotivated :D but oh well, everything is possible.

    Kosmetikos užrašai

  2. Gorgeous shade, I personally prefer round nails I think they look more feminine :)
    xxx Claire

  3. round shape is the best shape! divna nijansa, baš tražim neku takvu i nigdje ne mogu naći :)

    winter giveaway

  4. ovo mi je jedan od najdrazih njudaca ikad :D

  5. Moracu da prestanem da grickam nokte! :D

  6. Na listi mi je vec neko vrijeme :) sad si samo potvrdila koliko je divan i da ga moram nabaviti!

  7. Divna nijansa,slike su ti predobre.

  8. Predivan mi je.. Zaljubila sam se :-)

  9. moze neki post o tome kako ovako savrseno namazes nokte

    1. ajoj, za lakiranje mi stvarno trebaju obje ruke, a inače se uvijek sama fotkam, pa moram vidjeti koliko je to izvedivo :)


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