December 11, 2014


I adore optimists. They're the kind of people I admire the most. Always seeing the glass as half full, never giving up on anything. Essie's Eternal Optimist found its way into my hands through a very old and dear friend of mine - the friend isn't old, but our friendship is :) - because she purchased it as a replacement for In Stitches. She's the exact friend I mentioned in my In Stitches post, I had to paint her nails after she fell in love with the color. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to find it in Croatia, so she went with Eternal Optimist as a replacement. Upon seeing the photo of her wearing the shade, I had to have it. It's a whole bunch of shades lighter than In Stitches.

Since I was feeling adventurous (yes, glitter actually counts as extremely adventurous in my minimalistic, I-don't-like-ornaments life), I paired Eternal Optimist with a ?holographic? shimmer. I'm not sure holographic is the right word, but the shimmer particles shine in a variety of colors, so I hope I'm using the correct words to describe that. The second nail polish is by Essence, the shade is called Space Queen.

Enjoy your Friday tomorrow and use your weekend well! I'll do some resting from all the studying! :)


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