October 28, 2014


This fall, I've been obsessing over grey and beige nails. It's actually quite surprising, though, that I've never before owned a single grey nail polish while at the same time 90% of my wardrobe is in tones of grey and beige.

Even though Essie's website describes the color Cocktail Bling as a pale grey, I wouldn't confirm that. To me, it seems to be a lavender grey, there are definitely tones of blue or lavender in it. I still need to find a real, pale grey. Also, this shade is my very first Essie nail polish, so I'm yet to be convinced of its quality and whether or not it justifies the fairly high price (€9,99).

What are your thoughts on Essie's nail polishes in general? Which shades are your favorite? :)

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  1. jos jedan divan essie koji bih rado posjedovala. ne stoje mi nekako sive, taupe, blatnjave boje, ali mi je ovaj, s primjesom ljubicaste prelijep.


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