October 29, 2014


Store all grey and beige nail polishes away. I mean it.

I've been enjoying the lack of true, bright color on my nails lately. Greys, beiges, anything colorless feels very autumn-y. So, as I previously posted a lavender grey Essie nail polish, this was the polish that I bought with it. Chinchilly is a "sleek granite grey" nail polish, says the website. Definitely not as blue as Cocktail bling, the color actually reminds me and my boyfriend (who's horrified by just about any color other than red) of clay, as there are definitely some brownish undertones in it, so I wouldn't say it's as grey as granite. Aaanyway, enough color description. In my head this color, as most do, I guess, looked better matte, so I used Essence's matte top coat. I was very pleased with the result. I then paired this nail color with a very old, yet sweet, feather ring. I was thrilled. My boyfriend - not so much. :)


  1. Very pretty fingers-nails-ring ;)

  2. Divan je chinchilly za ove hladne dane! Krasne fotke, a imamo i sličan prstenčić :)

  3. fotke su posebne,, a lak isto tako :D već sam ga gledala ranije i mislim da ću ga naručiti :D


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