October 30, 2014


The lovely Batiste dry shampoo, one of my all time favorite beauty inventions - ever. Before they started getting popular and widely known, I would use baby powder which wasn't half as effective as this baby.

Because I have oily hair that never outlasts 2 days of freshness, I use this spray to lengthen the period between two hair washes, to try and save my hair from as much heat damage as possible. I combined my rave for this product with a simple tutorial for a relaxed bun tutorial which I wear at home 24/7, and on that 4th day before the hair wash. The instructions follow:

After having shaken the bottle well, spray some dry shampoo onto your roots, and - don't be scared if your hair turns grey or white, that's supposed to happen - massage the product into the roots. Cover all visibly greasy areas.

Gather all hair into a high ponytail and hold at the roots with one hand while using the other to twist the hair.

Start rolling the hair around to try and form something similar to a snail's shell. Keep your hair twisted and end with the ends circling around the bun.

Use as many bobby pins as you need to keep your hair secure, but don't worry about being too neat with that, you want it to look loose and "messy". If your bun feels too tight, pull out from around the bun and enjoy your easy bun.

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