June 10, 2012


What is it called when your man knows you so well, he buys you a lipstick in the exact color you've been wanting for months? The very best boyfriend in the world!

My boyfriend surprised me with this beauty for Christmas. As I was removing the Christmas paper he so carefully wrapped it in (well, I'm guessing somebody did it for him, but oh well), I really didn't know what to expect. When I saw it was a lipstick, a smile appeared across my face. When I saw the color - bullseye. I had been looking for a true, nice, dark red lipstick for months, and I never seemed to find it. The ones I found were either too bright, too dark, too brown, too purple, too something. Obviously, I wasn't looking in the right places, and since I avoid expensive makeup counters because they make my heart melt away, I never knew what is hiding on them.

The color is called SCARLATTO, it is the number 11. Collistar is one of those brands on the more expensive side, so I never checked how much this lipstick costs. I think seeing the price tag would make me feel guilty.

Thank you, love. :)


  1. Ovaj je već onako skroz po mom ukusu :)

  2. Stvarno divna crvena i cini mi se da ti ide savrseno uz ten i boju kose. Decko je zaista pravi kad je uspeo tako da pogodi boju :)

  3. AnonymousJune 10, 2012

    power red <3


  4. Wow! Your boyfriend is amazing. There's no way my fiance would ever guess what lipstick I like haha. The color is gorgeous by the way. It looks like it has a matte finish.

  5. jesus, boja je savršena!

    i predivno ti stoji
    i slike su ti predivne


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