January 5, 2012


I've been gone for a long time. But I'm back. My nails were having a rough time for the past few weeks and I was too ashamed to post photos of them online. Also, this is not going to be a post about my ring collection because, at the moment, I am in Germany visiting my brother. And you know what that means - an excuse to buy tons of stuff!

I've been wanting to get Essence's Time for Romance glitter nail polish for the longest time, ever since I fell in love with Make it Golden. So I bought that and a plain black nail polish because I hadn't owned one for about 2 years. Today, after the regrowth process of my nails had finally finished, I painted my nails black.

On top of that I added Essence's Time for Romance.

I am really loving this. I was left with galaxy/outer space-like looking nails and I think I'm going to be wearing the combination of these two nail polishes on my nails a lot. I'll try to experiment by adding some white dots or specks and other colors with a simple sponge to make it more three-dimensional. How did you spend the winter holidays?